Alicia Aitken

Presentation Title: The Building Blocks for Success: Project Management as a Life Skill

Alicia’s session with set the scene for the day drawing together the theme of Customer and Culture together with the life skill of project management. Alicia will talk to the value of project management both for the individual and the organisation for building a rewarding career, life and driving value for our organisations.

Eduardo Braun

Presentation Title: Leading Through a High Performance Culture

The presentation opens the audience heart and mind to the importance of Organizational Culture. What is Culture? How can leaders leverage it? How can they multiply business results?

The power of culture lies in firing up people’s heats, by giving them a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging, creating trust, pride, engagement, and other emotions and positive states of mind. Those are achieved through the 5 key roles of a leader.

Brad Coughlan

Presentation Title: Start with the customer and work backwards

Amazon is one of those amazing success stories and we have been very fortunate to secure Brad for the Symposium. In this session Brad will introduce us to some of Amazon’s stand out leadership principles, which all their leaders live & breath. These core principles provide a critically important foundation for their great success.

Justin Greiner

Presentation Title: JBWere – 175 years of “Client First” thinking

The Private Wealth industry is undergoing rapid transformation.  How does a 175 year-old company respond to unprecedented technological, regulatory and competitive pressure whilst ensuring that they stay true to their foundational ethos of always putting “the client first”.  Justin will discuss how JBWere is responding to this change, the rise of project thinking, the importance of culture in managing through change as well as the lessons he continues to learn along the way.

Kevin Panozza

Presentation Title: A few thoughts and ideas on employee and customer engagement

Kevin is a renowned business leader and speaker who will give us some hugely valuable insights into how as project leaders we can better engage our executives, customer and other important stakeholders to help us achieve the right business outcomes.

Kimberly Wiefling

Presentation Title: The Million Piece Puzzle – Overcoming Dysfunctionality and Psychic Vampires

In this exciting interactive keynote Kimberly will challenge the value of fixed hierarchies and argue that they are dysfunctional by design, and contain within themselves the seeds of their own destruction! She will then give us a glimpse of some radically different ways of structuring teams in order to get the best behaviours and results. A session not to be missed!