Symposium – Monday 17 August 2015

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7:30 AMRegistration
8:30Opening Welcome
8:40The 'Building Blocks for Success: Project Management as a Life Skill'Dr Alicia Aitken (Telstra)
9:00Keynote: Leading Through a High Performance CultureEduardo Braun
10:00Morning tea
10:30Panel: Executive Leadership Interviews & DiscussionEduardo Braun (Host), Drew Bradford, Alison Hardacre, Peter Jamieson, Kimberly Wiefling
11:40Sharktanking Project Management – project management for start-ups and innovatorsAlison Hardacre (Healthkit)
12:30 PMLunch
1:15A few thoughts and ideas on employee and customer engagementKevin Pannoza
2:00JBWere - 175 years of "Client First" thinkingJustin Greiner (JBWere)
2:45Afternoon tea
3:00Start with the customer and work backwardsBrad Coughlan (Amazon Web Services)
4:00The Million Piece Puzzle - Overcoming Dysfunctionality and Psychic VampiresKimberly Wiefling (Wiefling Consulting)
4:50Closing Remarks
5:00Symposium Close
5:00Networking Drinks - RACV Club
7:00Dinner - RACV Club (Buy dinner tickets here)Peter Jackson (Melbourne Football Club)
Please note, this program is subject to change by the organisers.

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Workshop – Tuesday 18 August 2015
7.30am registrations for a 8.30am start – finishes 5pm

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Building your leadership skills and capabilities
The Five Key Roles for Leading a High Performance Culture

This One-Day Professional Development Workshop will be led by Mr. Eduardo Braun from Argentina.
The goal is, for each attendee, to write their own Leadership Development Plan which will be facilitated during each session. There is also a Q&A part at the end of each session.

I. Introduction: The Essence of Leadership

  • The Five Key Roles of a Leader
  • Leadership beyond Business as usual: Unveiling a Two-Tier Framework
  • The power of leading through building an Organisational Culture

II. Role #1: Establishing the Vision

  • Awakening the passion of a dream
  • Leveraging the relationship with Vision and Strategy
  • Integrating personal and organisational Vision

III. Role #2: Deeply & genuinely caring about your people

  • From client–‐centered to people–‐centered organisations
  • “Don’t be the smartest person in the room”
  • Bring out the best in everyone
  • Choosing the Human Values

 IV. Role #3: Communicating and having everybody communicate

  • A granular model of interaction
  • Fostering effective connections between team members
  • The power of storytelling
  • Trust & Candor: Two building blocks

V. Role #4: Creating an Effective Decision Making System

  • How to delegate to create new leaders
  • Managing emotions & intuition
  • The fallacy of consensus building
  • Crisis Management as an opportunity for leadership
  • Strategic behaviors and decision–‐making

VI. Role #5: Leveraging your Culture

  • What is organisational Culture?
  • Purpose–‐driven culture: the power of a dream
  • Culture of owners: having no employees
  • Innovation culture: beyond processes
  • The emergence and strengthening of subcultures

VII. Developing the Qualities and Skills of a Leader

  • Start by being a humanist
  • Key characteristics: Curious, humble, self–‐confident, and empathic
  • Leadership as a personal and spiritual journey

VIII. The Culture Plan: Next Steps

  • Embed your Culture in your Management Systems
  • Blue Ocean Leadership
  • Culture Plan: Follow up & Control Dashboards

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