The PMI Melbourne Symposium 2015 theme is ‘The importance of ‘Customer and Culture’ in building world class sustainable organisations that can grow and survive in today’s challenging environment’.

Customer: Constant customer engagement is an essential part of ensuring we meet the right business outcomes. In this digital age, customers have more choice and power than ever before and their needs can rapidly change. To be successful organisations must always ensure that the customer is kept at the heart.

Culture: As Peter Drucker once famously said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.  Establishing and nurturing the right culture is at the heart of building highly performing and sustainable organisations for the future.

Strategic Change: Projects deliver strategic change within organisations. Any organisation who wants to change must have project delivery capabilities to facilitate and execute these changes.  Implementing projects within organisations where the customer is always kept at the heart and where we have an engaging and inspiring culture will significantly increase our probability of success and with it the organisation’s ability to survive into the future.‎

The underpinning tag line is that all projects link to a business outcome.  From the Taj Mahal to the iPhone, history shows that successful projects have the customer at the heart.  Customers have more choice than ever before with comparative websites for travel, shopping, insurance and healthcare, to name but a few.  They also have more voting power with customer promotion tools like TripAdvisor, Google ratings and Net Promoter Score.

PMI is renowned for its quality of key note speakers at its Global Congresses and local conferences. Past speakers include Hon Jeff Kennett, Bill Clinton, Colin Powell and Dan Pink.  This year’s opening keynote is leadership expert, Eduardo Braun.  Eduardo has interviewed many leadership greats to gain their insights into strategy and culture including Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Jack Welch.


The 2014 PMI Australia Conference was held in Melbourne in September 2014.

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